Friday 26 June 2015


India is gem of a country. It's history, culture & heritage is as unique as it is rich. It's no wonder that a lot of great personalities has acknowledged India's contributions to the world. Here are a few iconic quotes about India which will fill you with pride. 

                                PROUD TO BE INDIAN
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Wednesday 24 June 2015


Sometimes (well most times truth be told) Messi looks like he could do anything, if he really wanted to. Dribble past an entire defence and score a sublime solo goal? Sure thing. Chip the ball over a huge onrushing keeper, and calmly slot it past him into an empty net? Not a problem. Bring down the Moon and part an entire sea while cooking a delicious meal for two? Well, it wouldn't surprise me if he could. But enough with the talk. Here's why Messi truly is the greatest footballer on the planet right now.

1. He made his senior debut for Barcelona at just 16 and scored at 17. What were you doing at that age?

2. At 22 years old, he was handed Barcelona's No.10, a jersey worn by the likes of Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Riquelme. No pressure Leo.

3. His best goals could easily be a showreel for some of the greatest goals ever scored.

4. Despite suffering from a Growth Hormone deficiency, Barcelona signed Messi at the age of 13.

Such was the belief in his ability, Barcelona agreed to pay for his treatment and provide his family with jobs and a house so that they could relocate across continents.

5. His first-ever contract was written on a napkin. Yeah, that's how badly the Catalans wanted him.

Remember, this was an unproven, scrawny 13 year old, with a growth hormone deficiency.

6. Despite all the tackles and kicks a player in his position takes, Messi has never really had a long injury layoff. Indestructible?

7. And even with those kicks and shoves, his balance is second to none.

8. Then of course, there's his velcro-like close control.

9. Whether it's a pass, shot, feint or assist, he always seems to have every option open to him. No matter what the situation.

10. He is still with his childhood sweetheart.

And when all's well at home, you perform that much better on the pitch.

11. And despite all the attention and overtures from some of the world's richest clubs, he's still with Barcelona.

And you know he's going to stay there for the conceivable future.

12. He was offered a chance to play for Spain but he turned down what was arguably the greatest international team ever, to play for his country of birth.

As you can see, loyalty is a theme with him.

13. Before he was 26, he won the European Golden Boot thrice.

14. And as if that wasn't enough, he scored 91 goals in a single year.

Whether he's played on the left or through the centre, goals have always been easy to come by for this extraordinary Argentine. Don't believe me? Check out his stats from the 2011/12 season.

15. So I guess it comes as no surprise he's the all-time leading goal scorer in La Liga history.

That's 283 goals, in case you were wondering.

16. He's won 4 Ballon D'Ors in a row. Four. Most players are lucky to even get nominated for one.

17. Messi is as ruthless as he is generous.

As if scoring 58 goals wasn't enough, Messi has 27 assists this season. Proving that he's as adept at creating opportunities for his teammates, as he is at dispatching them.

18. He's already the joint leading goal scorer in European Cup history.

He's currently on 77 goals, level with Cristiano Ronaldo, the guy who's older than him, started before him and has played more Champions League matches than him.

19. You don't just become Messi. You're born Messi.

Even as a child, his prodigious talent was evident.

20. And to top it all off, he's just 28 years old.

Just let that sink in.


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Saturday 20 June 2015


Most people drink alcohol when at parties or for a casual get together with friends. Specially beer. Well, here’s another reason to drink beer. A lot of studies have shown that beer has health benefits when drunk in moderate amounts. The key word is “moderate“. Here are some health benefits of drinking beer every now and then, which is why it is good for the human body:

1. Beer improves your cholesterol


Beer not only has no cholesterol, it can actually improve the cholesterol in your body. In fact, drinking beer regularly and moderately will tilt your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios the right way. You’ve got two kinds of cholesterol in your system: HDL, the “good” cholesterol that armor-plates your veins and keeps things flowing, and LDL, the “bad” cholesterol that builds up in your veins. Beer power-flushes the system and keeps the HDL levels up. According to some studies, as little as one beer a day can boost your HDL by up to 4 per cent.

2. It reduces your risk of kidney stones

Drinking beer could actually help reduce your risk of developing kidney stones, according to a recent study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. According to that study, men and women who reported drinking a moderate amount of beer reduced their risk of developing a stone by 41 percent. By contrast, drinking soda increased their risk by 23 percent.

3. It contains essential nutrients


It is rich in protein-building blocks and minerals including phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

4. If drunk in moderate amounts, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease


According to Harvard School of Public Health- “moderate drinkers were 30 to 35 percent less likely to have had a heart attack than non-drinkers.”
5. It has plenty of Vitamin B
Beer has high levels of B vitamins, particularly folic acid, which is believed to help prevent heart attacks. Beer also has soluble fiber, good for keeping you regular, which in turn reduces the likelihood that your system will absorb unhealthy junk like fat.

6. Moderate alcohol consumption can decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease

It also improves memory, concentration and reasoning.

7. Beer is low in calories and carbohydrates


The average beer has about 12 grams of carbs per 12-ounce serving. Also, beer has no fat or cholesterol.

8. Beer contains 93% water


It is good for hydration.

9. Older women who drink beer moderately preserve mental acuity


study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that women who had one alcoholic drink a day had less cognitive impairment and less decline in their cognitive function compared to women who abstained from any alcoholic beverages. The researchers theorized that alcohol protects the brain by improving blood circulation.

10. Beer is a rich source of fibre


Two glasses provide between ten and  30 per cent of our recommended requirement. Fibre is known to help keep us full and ward off hunger. Drinking beer increases the production of bile, which helps us to digest fatty food

Who knew that beer could have so many benefits? Cheers!
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who doesn't love the rains? The monsoon is one of the most loved seasons in India and each year we look forward to it with bated breath. The whiff of cool breeze, the romantic setting it creates and the respite that it provides from the scorching heat makes this season a winner. Here are 22 monsoon photos that prove there's no season like it.

1. The looming clouds make for stunning visuals.

2. Bit by bit edging forward... Covering land and water alike.

3. Casting a magical spell on everything that falls in its way.

4. From the lesser known villages...

5. ...To the world famous structures; everything seems picture-perfect.

6. And once the Rain Gods are ready, they begin the downpour.  

7. Drenching everyone and everything without bias.

8. Spreading smiles all over.

9. Rekindling old flames.

10. Kids come out in large numbers.

11. And so do the colourful  paper boats. 

12. Even humble transportation feels like royalty.

13. Wading through muddled waters is so much fun.

14. There's nothing like a glass of piping hot Cutting Chai to go with the rain.

15. Or flipping through those page-turners in the comforts of your home.

16. It's time to set yourself free.

17. To let you hair down.

18. To bond.

19. To reflect.  

20. To simply soak in the beauty.

21. To let yourself loose.

22. And when it all ends, it still is every bit beautiful.


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